KN FreshChain is a dedicated, end-to-end supply chain solution for Reefer and Perishables shipments. KN FreshChain product has been developed in collaboration with industry and customers to meet the logistical challenges faced by the sector. We acknowledge the need for fresh and speciality fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and flowers to be available in markets around the world and are committed to ensuring your products are transported and stored in the most economic, expeditious, and efficient way possible.


  • Profit from our partnerships with the leading seafreight carriers and airlines
  • Enhanced visibility and monitoring through our web-based tool KN Login
  • Dedicated key account management
  • Knowledgeable and proactive global team of reefer + perishable logistics experts
  • Customised value-added services
  • Reliable lead times
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Flexibility and reach delivered through our hub-and-spoke road network with guaranteed departures 

KN FreshChain at a glance

  • Specialist perishables logistics teams have extensive commodity knowledge spanning all continents,  24/7
  • Local experts help guide your shipment through the local regulations and complexities governing import/export of perishable goods, ensuring full compliance
  • Fully integrated, one-stop-shop approach - airfreight, reefer and trucking perishables logistics services
  • Fully owned truck fleet and a reliable network of trucking partners
  • Carefully selected air & sea carriers to mitigate risks
  • Availability of enhanced IT exception management and temperature monitoring, enabling proactive status monitoring and communication
  • Global visibility through KN Login 
  • Additional options and value added services to best serve your needs
  • A comprehensive global network & facilities
  • System based proactive support visibility & 24/7 proactive monitoring 
  • 24/7 contact availability

The foundation

The foundation for every KN FreshChain shipment is based on:

  • QSHE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) approved guidelines
  • Working instructions and SOPs far beyond the governing industry and local country specific regulations
  • Track and trace capabilities with KN Login (possibility for temperature monitoring also)
  • KN FreshChain training procedures in place to ensure proper/correct handling requirements
  • KN FreshChain staff have in-depth logistics and proven commodity expertise 
  • Assessed airfreight, reefer carriers and trucking partners
  • 24/7 contact possibilities

All the above principals apply to the 3 products below;

  • KN FreshChain - Air 
  • KN FreshChain - Sea 
  • KN FreshChain - Road